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Charles Whittier from Cape Cod, MA
Very wealthy gunner that also gunned in North Carolina like many wealthy northern sportsmen.
Charles W. Whittier (Massachusetts) who was a member at the Swan Island Club in Currituck Sound, North Carolina.
The Swan Island Club, located on Currituck Sound, North Carolina, was founded in 1872 by a group of wealthy sportsmen from New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In 1879 a membership association known as the Crow Island Club, founded in 1876, purchased Swan Island and built a clubhouse. They soon changed their club name to Swan Island Club. Membership was limited by high initiation fees and member control. Between 1880 and 1914 three clubhouses were built, the first two were destroyed by fire; the last clubhouse was standing as of 1986. The C.W.WHITTIER or CWW brand is found on several other birds including the very well known Crowell birds below that sold for big $.

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