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Kopperl School History

On July, 1 1882, Moritz Kopperl donated $500 to build the first Kopperl School building.  For $1 the G.C. & S.F. Railroad sold M.S. Greer, A.R. Barry, G.D. Greer, N.D. Kendrick, and Rice Maxey, trustees of the Kopperl Academy, Lot 4, block 5. (Where the school still sits today)  This was the first public building erected in Kopperl and also served as a Church on Sundays. 


In July of 1913 the Kopperl School Trustees S.A. Caruthers, R.E. Sanders, and G.R. Jackson purchased lots 1, 2, and 3 of block 5 and built the two story brick schoolhouse that is pictured below.  In 1918 the Kopperl School purchased additional adjacent lots and the trustees were J.H. Cullenback, W.E. Spurlin, and T.C. Day.

In the 1930s, adjoining school districts consolidated with the Kopperl School until all of northeast Bosque county attended.  The schools that conslidated with Kopperl were: Dry Branch (Brazos Point), Hunton (Bodine), Kimball, New Home, Auburn, and Union Hill.

Kopperl School Built 1913.JPG
Kopperl School Built in 1913

Reference the photo below to correspond #s to building locations.  In 1932 the school building known as the Alamo (#1) was constructed as the High School.  The front door faced the current playground.  In 1940 the Old Gym (#2) was built just to the north of The Alamo. During the Summer of 1954 the Red Brick building (Previous location marked by orange square) built in 1913 was torn down and the bricks were used to build the row of classrooms (#3) just west of the Old Gym as well as a lunchroom which is now the Library.  In the 1950s where the current High School sits there was a large playground.  The school stayed relitively similar until the late 1988 when the first part of the current Highschool building was erected (#5).  The modern Cafeteria (#4) building was built in the early 1990s.  The New Gym and Elementary Classrooms (#6) were added in 1998 to make up the modern Kopperl School which hosts grades Pre-K through 12th grade.

Kopperl School Map.png
Kopperl School 2021
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