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Local Books

All of the following books are related to Kopperl and the surrounding areas.

Bosque County: Land and People

This 824 page book was written in 1985 by the Bosque County History Book Committee.  It has the most comprehensive written history of Bosque county to date.  This is an excellent resource for County wide research.  The book is very difficult to find and is generally $200+.  This book was digitalized by The Portal To Texas History and can be found by clicking on the book below.

Bosque County Land and People.png

Bosque County: Land and People - Portal to Texas History

A History of Bosque County Texas 

Published in 1954 and written by Bosque county resident William C. Pool.  A very good reference book regarding the early history of Bosque county.  While this is a good source, most of the information can also be found in "Bosque County: Land and People".

Bosque County Pool.JPG

From the Dust of Wagon Wheels

Written by Theryl Sensing Penney and published in 1974 this is an outstanding book that tells the story of Fort Graham and Steiner Valley.  In the 1850s, Fort Graham offered military protection from the Indians allowing the Kopperl area to be settled.  This is another hard to find book, but it pops up from time to time online.

From the Dust of Wagon Wheels.JPG

Ed Nichols Rode a Horse

If you do any research on Kopperl you will soon realize that this book is referenced quite often.  Published in 1943 this book tells the first hand story of Ed Nichols who lived in Morgan during the Chisholm Trail days.  The stories are mostly about his every day life in the area in the time and how he grew up around the cowboys.  This is a must read for anyone interested in the local history.  It is not easy to find, but many locals have copies so ask around.

Ed Nichols Rode A Horse.jpg

Without the Shedding of Blood

Written by Ray McDearmon and published in 1953 this book describes life in the old town of Kimball.  This is a very good book and if you grew up in the area you will appreciate the stories.

Without the Shedding of Blood.jpg

Texas Trilogy

Published in 2002 this book explores Bosque County historically and musically.  Singer-songwriter Steven Fromholz' earliest memories go back to a small Texas town (Kopperl) where he spent summers with his grandmother. He gave those memories expression in three songs—"Daybreak," "Trainride," and "Bosque County Romance"—that together form his "Texas Trilogy." This classic folksong has resonated with listeners from its first recording on the 1969 Frummox album From Here to There to Lyle Lovett' recent rendition on his album Step Inside This House. In this book, Craig Hillis and Bruce Jordan offer their own take on Fromholz' "Texas Trilogy." At the heart of the book are over 140 photographs of Bosque County, Texas, which capture the moods and some of the actual locales mentioned in the songs. Accompanying them are comments from local residents, Fromholz, Hillis, and Jordan, who talk about life "in the small Texas town." In addition to the photos, Fromholz explains how he wrote "Texas Trilogy," and Hillis and Jordan discuss why the song has such enduring meaning. Hillis also provides a history of Bosque County. A CD of the original recording is included in the book.

Texas Trilogy.jpg
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